Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011. What's New? Part 2

To see Part One of this three-part blog update, click here.

Yesterday, I wrote a rather lengthy update regarding what I label my resuscitation of the soul through three areas: Greek (see yesterday's post), Writing, and PJ Time.  The last one, I am certain, you are most curious about because what could PJ's have to do with resuscitation of the soul? More than you know, but that subject will have to wait until Part Three.

Today, I write about "writing".  I have been a writer since I can remember learning to write.  There is something cathartic about writing for me.  Ever heard of "Chicken Soup for the Soul", well, that is what writing does for me.   I am not an avid journaler, however, which often surprises other writers. Writers typically like to "write" anything--whether it be a review of a good book or personal reflections in a journal.  I however do not journal, only because I do not like hand-writing (literally writing with my hand! LOL!)  I much prefer typing, so perhaps, in a way, this blog could be perceived as a journal of sorts. :)

In early November, a curious thing occurred. I had a very unexpected, new idea. Writing a blog. I don't usually follow blogs, except those blogs that I happen to come across by chance.  Not that I dislike blogs; it just wasn't a consideration. When the idea came to me, seemingly from out of nowhere, I mentally set it aside, labeling it "random", while a series of dialogues coursed through my mind:  "I don't have time to be writing all my thoughts on a blog."  "Who wants to read what I have to say anyway?"  "What would I write about?"  "Why would I write about them?"  "Who really cares what I think?" "What would I say that matters to anyone else?"  Then, one day, in one of my classes, a conversation began on the subject of the American Church and faith, particularly a concept called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.  It was an intriguing idea, and one that I wanted to share with others, more importantly one that I wanted to engage in dialogue over.  I really wanted to know if anyone else, besides my fellow seminarians and professors, knew about this rather insidious infection in the Church.  And like a random, but gentle, raindrop from the heavens, a quiet whisper came--"why not write about it? on a blog?"  I thought, a little cynically, "Oh not that blog idea again!"

There moments in one's faith walk with God when you know you are supposed to do something.  I am not talking Determinism here, but rather there is a profound sense that God wants you to do something--and He really means it!  Like, when I was a child, my parents would often ask me to do things--chores, tasks, whatever--and sometimes they really meant it.  Like not touching a hot stove, or not running into the street without looking--get my gist, here? So, if I chose (I emphasize CHOSE) to obey, then all would be well; but if I chose not to, the outcome could be quite painful (for me!).  The instructions from my parents were not restrictive but rather provisional in concern and care. Make sense?  So, when I awoke the next morning, I knew that God was sending me a very clear message; it was up to me to respond. Begrudgingly, I googled "blogs" and surprisingly, about ten minutes later, I was the owner of my very own blog site.

Fast forward about seven blogs updates later, I find I am enjoying this whole blog thing.  I think it's the writing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing.  And from what I understand from others, I am fairly good at it. Well, look at that?  Who knew? Writing is cathartic to my soul.  It is like "chicken soup" for my soul.  And my soul was in need of restoration. And who knew that writing was yet another element to my resuscitation?  Really, need I say Who?!

Just like God knew that Greek would be an effective way for me to engage a truly wonderful gift, given by Him to me, the same was for my writing.  I think He is helping me to see me better, and in that process, I am letting go of all of the other stuff that I have "tacked" onto myself, which seems to stick out like some bad costume jewelry. Things, tasks, jobs, roles, etc. that I "tack" onto myself, based on man's expectations or desires, just don't seem to fit.  They are ugly and heavy and awkward. But things, tasks, jobs, roles that are of the Spirit of God, ahh, this is where wisdom comes from, right?  This is the really good stuff of God.  We can only access it through His power and wisdom. Sounds scriptural to me! Take a look for yourself in 1 Corinthians 2.