Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Manifesto from a broken-down beautiful mess

This week has been filled up with many tasks. Many duties. Many unsavory tasks as well. Relationships I wish I could magically repair (I don't really believe that, but, gee, it would be nice sometimes!). Harms that I've done to others. Regrets. But remarkably, and to my utter surprise (and to my therapist even!) I am moving onward.

I wrote a manifesto this week. Having spent many months working in something called Courage to Lead, we had our last retreat together. And we were invited to write our manifesto. Our way forward, our way out, our way toward...

So here's mine. In all her vulnerable glory. I plan to post it anywhere and everywhere I can readily see it in those crunch times--you know, the times when the world stops and my stomache knots up so much I feel nauseous. Crunch times. Those happen. It's just what it is like to live in this world, this broken, hot mess of a world.

Yet I am grateful. Grateful for a grace that sustains and strengthens me. That whispers in my ear to stop the tapes that play in my head--sometimes on repeat.  And the courage to reach out and hit STOP on those tapes too. Thanks be to God.