Monday, October 26, 2015

Tool to Living: get creative

The best way I am learning to be alive is to dive into creativity. It's what has always made me, me. 

I call this painting silence. It reminds me of the beauty of space and freedom. 

I love creating stuff. Anything really. I love digging deep. 

I see something that inspires me and I paint it. 

I listen to a song that touches me. And I want to see the lyrics. Create a still photo with the quote from it. 

I see and spend time with people who inspire me and I want to learn from them, to engage with them. They have much to teach me. I am finding I can become  intolerant with people who don't like to share their wisdom or insights. I'm working on that. But I think it's because I genuinely believe we have SO much to learn and SO little time to learn from
one another.

Humanity. The best part of our creative God. We are created to be together and be creative. To make stuff cool. And engaging. Interesting and real.

I will pursue that without apology. To together make creativity happen with other awesome human beings. All is grace.

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